‘’Plumeria’’ – massage with essential oils

We invite you to our Yaowares Massage Salon in Nowy Targ for a unique Thai massage experience with aromatic essential oils. This massage will relax and unwind your muscles while nourishing and nurturing your skin. Our experienced team will take care of your body and mind, using carefully selected essential oils that will nourish your skin and bring you into a state of deep relaxation. At our massage salon in Nowy Targ, we offer an unforgettable relaxation experience that combines traditional Thai massage techniques with aromatherapy. Welcome!

This massage brings together the healing power of touch with the individual properties of essential oils which are chosen according to the needs and preferences of a person. Massage uses acupressure techniques (regular, balanced pressure) with the elements of ayurvedic massage (longer, stroking movements).

This type of therapy is focused on relieving tensions related to stress and soothing nerves. Its purpose is to achieve harmony of body and mind.

The nourishing power of essential oils massaged into the skin results in regeneration and in-depth nutrition.

Your body will be effectively relaxed. The massage given with calm and rhythmic movements eliminates stress and also has a magnificent effect on the nervous system.

Massage with essential oils at Yaowares in Nowy Targ
Thai massage with essential oils in Yaowares Nowy Targ.

Thai massage with essential oils improves the immune system and accelerates the excretion of excess water from the body by stimulating skin pores. Perfectly removes toxins at the same time cleansing our body. Subtle, oriental music is relaxing and calming down our body and mind. During the body massage, a range of essential oils is massaged into the skin. Thanks to this massage, the skin becomes silky and incredibly smooth. The body is warmed up and relaxed.

Massage with the use of essential oils is one of the most important aromatherapy methods.

You will be provided with disposable underwear for the time of massage.

How to prepare yourself for a massage with essential oils?

This type of massage is recommended for people with a very active lifestyle. Due to its relaxation properties, it is a perfect solution for people who are dealing with stress and people who want to take care of their appearance. It is also recommended for people for whom traditional Thai massage is too intense or impossible to be given due to health reasons.

What type of essential oils do we use for massage?

For relaxing massages, we use ylang-ylang extracts: grapefruit, tangerine, sweet orange, lavender. The nourishing power of essential oils which we are using smoothen and deeply regenerate the skin. For this reason, we recommend leaving them on the skin as long as possible. After the massage, we recommend only wiping the skin with a towel.

Massage with the use of essential oils increases body firmness and is deeply relaxing.

The advantages of massage with essential oils

Massage with essential oils helps in the regeneration of tired and exhausted body, removes excess water from the body, cleanses, strengthens the immune system, increases the efficiency of body and vital signs, treats depressive states, eliminates stress and supports the nervous system, nourishes and nurturing the skin, removes muscle tension, improves blood circulation, restores proper blood pressure, helps with insomnia, restores the correct heart rhythm.

Thai oil massage Nowy Targ Yaowares
Wonderful experiences and a beautiful scent of essential oils in Yaowares.


Due to the very gentle nature of the massage, it can be given to all people except for those with skin abrasions or damage or people with allergies.

Essential Oils Nowy Targ Yaowares
Thai massage in Nowy Targ Massage Salon.