Our services are based on tradition, knowledge, and professionalism, which is why we employ qualified masseuses from Thailand. Our masseuses have graduated from well-known Thai massage schools. They have gained our trust with their knowledge and skills. They have from 5 to 10 years of experience. The guarantee of high-quality services is not only experience, equipment, but also certified cosmetics which we use for massage and care.

Wide offer of Thai massages in Nowy Targ.

We care about the quality of massage products, therefore we use only cosmetics based on natural, ecological components. We offer a wide range of Thai massages and oriental body beauty rituals. We are a network of Thai massage salons.

History of Thai massage

Thai massage is an art based on very extensive knowledge of human health. The creator of the Thai massage was Shivago Komarpaj – a personal physician Buddha 500 years BC. Chinese and Indian medicine had a significant impact on the history of Thai massage. Shared knowledge go back by 2,500 years. The Thai people were taking knowledge of herbs and acupuncture from Chinese medicine. They were taking into account the concept of circulating energy. “Nuad boran” in the Thai language means ancient massage. Bringing together all Thai principalities in the Sukhothai Empire, the first kingdom, took place in the thirteen century.

In the fifteenth and sixteenth century, all materials on medicine were deposited in the national archives of the capital of the kingdom. After many wars in the eighteenth century, only two texts remained: Book of Diseases and Pharmacopeia of King Narian. According to Simon de Loubere, a French official, the first mention of Thai massage appeared in 1661. In 1836, a para-university was established, teaching medicine, pharmacy and therapeutic massage. In 1906, the collected medical knowledge was written down and recognized as the official royal medicine. It contained all massage procedures called “therapy of hand”. In May 1962, Moh ponl Tomyani, as the manager of the Medical Center and Massage School, organized the first open Thai massage school.