Relaxing massage with peeling with caring properties in a salon in Nowy Targ.

Welcome to our salon in Nowy Targ for a professional nourishing massage with exfoliation. The combination of skin exfoliation and massage will rejuvenate your skin, remove impurities, and restore its healthy glow. Our qualified massage therapists from Thailand will ensure your comfort and satisfaction. The interior of Yaowares Thai Massage in Nowy Targ has been carefully designed to provide you with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, soothing sounds and aromatic Thai oils will create the perfect conditions for deep relaxation. We invite you to visit us!

It has a relaxing, treating and therapeutic effect. It is peeling of skin with a full body massage.

Relaxing massage with peeling is characterized by high smoothness of movements and is all about gentle removal of dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin with the use of special preparations containing abrasive particles.

Massage is deeply relaxing and is restores the vitality of the body, and peeling, on the other hand, accelerates the process of renewal and regeneration of the epidermis.

This treatment firms and tones the skin. Thanks to the massage there is a significant improvement in blood microcirculation.

Massage with peeling at Yaowares in Nowy Targ
Relaxing full body massage with peeling in Nowy Targ.

After the treatment, the skin of your body is stimulated to produce new cells. The treatment prepares it for better absorption of nutritious substances contained in natural essential oils. This type of massage is helping to eliminate cellulite, nourish the skin and restore its glow.

Relaxing face massage with peeling at Yaowares Thai Massage Salon in Nowy Targ
Face massage with peeling in Yaowares in Nowy Targ.

Relaxing massage together with a peeling and a warm olive is very relaxing. Thanks to oriental music and candlelight it helps to restore full harmony of the body and mind. You will quickly regain your spiritual balance and beautiful appearance.

Relaxing massage is a natural method of relieving stress.

If we will systematically repeat this, it will result in young, firm, elastic skin that is full of energy. This technique prevents ingrowing hair after shaving.

Thanks to the peeling the skin is ready to absorb nutritious cosmetics.

Advantages of relaxing massage with peeling ,,Sweet euphoria’’

The advantage of the massage is stimulation of the muscles and circulatory system, relaxation of the body and mind, regeneration of skin, elimination of physical and mental stress, calmness, mood improvement, pain relief, the balance of the body and mind, a boost of metabolism. The advantage of peeling is the regeneration of the epidermis, smoothing and cleansing the skin, increasing the absorption of nutrients by the skin, reduction of cellulite, improvement of skin firmness and elasticity, reducing the problem of ingrown hair after shaving, reducing the risk of having blackheads.

Body peeling with relaxing massage at Yaowares Nowy Targ
Full body peeling with massage.


Dermatological changes, skin abrasions or damage, high body temperature, menstruation, phlebitis, varicose veins and aneurysms, hemorrhages and tendencies to have them, acute and subacute inflammatory conditions, early periods after fractures of bones, sprains, dislocations, fresh blood clots, unbalanced heart defects or advanced hypertensive disease.

Relaxing body massage plus peeling in Nowy Targ
Relaxing massage in Yaowares.