Thai foot and leg massage in Nowy Targ.

You are warmly invited to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating foot and leg massage at Yaowares Thai Massage Salon in Nowy Targ. We provide professional service and comfortable conditions. Our salon is staffed with qualified massage therapists from Thailand who will take care of your body using acupressure, yoga, and Ayurvedic techniques. We offer a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere where you can escape from everyday stress and take care of your health and well-being. We look forward to welcoming you!

This is a partial massage with medicinal properties, which brings together acupressure and Ayurvedic techniques. This type of massage is about compressing appropriate points on the feet that correspond to specific organs. It stimulates nerve ends located in the feet.

A qualified masseuse presses nerve ends, reflexology points on the feet with hand or special sticks.

This massage causes numerous physiological reactions that stimulate the body to heal itself.

The areas that are massaged include the sole, footbridge, ankles, toes, calves, knees. The massage takes on a more intense form when the masseuse finds the point corresponding to the patient’s organ. This place must be massaged with fingers or fist. Masseuse using a wooden thick stick stimulates the reflective zones on the feet and calves.

Yaowares Nowy Targ foot massage
Reflexotherapy in the Yaowares salon in Nowy Targ.

Massage supports the detoxication the body, eliminates the feeling of “heavy legs”, improves sleep quality, digestive processes, lymph glands, the central nervous system, and the hormonal system.

Reflexotherapy is a natural and effective antidote when it comes to stress, headache and spine pain.

Foot massage together with calf and thigh acupressure will boost the circulation of blood and lymph, which leads to natural slimming of legs. Thanks to the massage, you will have beautiful and slim legs. Thai foot massage with reflexotherapy is given on a special mattress. The person that the massage is given to is provided with special clothes for the time of the massage (loose shirt and shorts). According to the Thai tradition, the masseuse will wash your feet, dry them and then oil them. Then she will begin with the massage of the foot going to the upper parts of the legs.

Who is the Thai foot massage recommended for?

This massage is recommended for people exposed to excessive pressure on the feet, who have a standing type of job, overweight people, but also people being tired. Women wearing high heels will especially appreciate this type of massage. We recommend reflexotherapy for people after intense physical exercise and people with the “heavy feet” syndrome. Massage will help people struggling with problems caused by lymph congestions in the body and will improve the quality of life of seriously ill people.

Health benefits of foot massage

The massage helps to eliminate tensions of legs and feet muscles, it detoxifies the body of toxins, eliminates the feeling of “heavy legs”, eliminates the congestions of lymph and water in the body, improves the functioning of internal organs, the quality of sleep and general well-being. Relaxes, reduces stress, eliminates headaches, spine pains, improves the digestive process, supports the nervous and hormonal systems, improves circulation. It stimulates our body in both the physical and mental spheres.

By foot massage, you can significantly improve the physical and mental condition of your body.

Reflexotherapy is recommended for numerous medical conditions

Thai legs massage is recommended for: spine pains, sinus diseases, migraines, headaches, insomnia, upper respiratory tract and bladder infections, problems with metabolism, indigestion, heartburn, hypersensitive intestines, female diseases, eczema.

Reflexology Nowy Targ
Thai massage of foot in Yaowares.

Reflexotherpay contraindications

Thai foot massage is not recommended in case of acute and chronic infections with high fever, varicose veins, foot ulcers, osteoporosis, diabetes, contagious diseases.

Reflexology in the Massage Salon in Nowy Targ
Thai foot massage has medicinal properties.